Rose Pendant


Embark on a journey of illuminated elegance with the Rose Pendant Chandelier by Robin Lamps, a luminaire that invites you to shape your own artistic vision. The iron structure, available in smooth or ribbed textures, beckons you to create a masterpiece suspended from your ceiling. Craft it with 2 or 3 square frames, each adorned with 4 shades, or let your imagination soar as you opt for 2 or 3 rings, each supporting 6 shades. Choose from a palette of matte black, matte white, or opulent gold finishes. With sizes ranging from 16cm to 40cm, the Rose Pendant Chandelier is not just a luminaire; it's an evolving expression of your style, creating a luminaire that evolves with your style. Hang it in your creative space or dynamic office, enjoying the freedom to reshape it over time as your design preferences shift. With Rose Pendant Chandelier, let your imagination soar, crafting a unique luminaire that not only illuminates but also becomes a dynamic canvas for your evolving aesthetic.

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Product Information

Materials & Finishings


  • Smooth brass structure and textile cable.


  • Matte black

Assembly / Care Instructions